Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thar he blows and some Target covetables.

DH doesn't appreciate the fact that I like to take pictures of Ben when he looks like a beached whale. But this is what he does. All. the. time.

In any case, here are some Target covetables I want:

First is this adorable Merona Penelope Polka Dot Dress, $39.99. Not only is it super cute, but my sister said it made me look thin, LOL. Just ignore my pasty arms and ankle socks. Not sure if this was a 10 or 12 I tried on. I didn't care too much for the feel of the material and I anticipate a wrinkle fest in my future if I do end up getting it. I also don't know how often I would wear it. I just want to "collect" it I guess.

The newer Target fitting rooms seem perfect for iPhone photos due to the bright lights. I can't wait to try this at Loft because they have the weirdest lighting ever. I can't ever tell if anything looks good unless I run out of the fitting room to check out what I've tried on in another mirror.

I kinda wish I'd taken a photo of the yellow Merona Hailey Twistneck Dress, $39.99. I don't think the online closeup does the wonky bow justice. It's like half a bow, looking like a weird lumpy mass on my chest. Not good.

I hope this next dress shows up in the stores so that I can try it on and see how it fits. It's the Abigail Printed Dress, $42.99. I like the neckline and the print might work for me, but best of all...it has POCKETS! Too cute!

While at Target today, I snagged some great jewelry deals. First is an awesome multi-colored beaded bracelet (like this necklace) originally $24.99 for $12.48. Next was a multi strand gold chain/pink & white pearls necklace (reminds me of the J Crew pastiche) that was originally $39.99 for $9.98. Finally this necklace of scattered pearls and sparklies, originally $29.99 for $7.48. Please excuse my hastily snapped, crappy iPhone photo of the first two items. It makes the necklace look kinda cheap, but that's not the case in person. I just can decide if I should keep any of these things, deciding to buy now and think later.

Finally, I purchased the Merona Marilee Leather Comfort Flat Shoes for $24.99 on impulse. They come in black, gold, and this pretty amethyst. I normally wear a 10, but these seem a little roomy. I'll try them again tomorrow to see if my feet have changed. They normally tell you to try shoes on at the end of the day because feet swell, but I've found that mine are more swollen in the morning. Plenty of times I've bought shoes in the evening only to find them tighter the next morning.

Not only did this pretty color catch my eye, but also the promise of comfy supportive shoes. They even have some cushioning along the arch. I hope these work out!


  1. Ooh, and Lindsay, I got my pretties at the Target on Rome-Hilliard. That store is nicer/bigger than the one closer to work on West Broad. And I needed some plain coffee creamer at work. That powdery stuff is icky.

  2. I like the polka dot dress on you! Super cute, and definitely a valuable addition to your wardrobe...what if you get invited to a wedding and need something nice to wear?! That is what I always buy for, lol.

  3. Everyone already got married, LOL. Besides, then I just wear my wedding dress cuz it's blue. But...I love anything that reminds me of Mad Men. Hence, me want the dress.

  4. That is one happy, fat cat. LOL!!

    And, get the dress. You can wear it to anything during the summer. Picnic, wedding, baby shower, high tea, lunch at the Ritz Carlton. etc etc etc

    All you need is a little cute cardi for your shoulders and that will go anywhere!!

  5. Yep, ditto Bianca, I still say you need it! Too cute to pass up (and $40? chump change!).

  6. target has some nice dresses right now, but they are usually too long on me. darn short legs! the polka dot one is really cute.

  7. Hey, those are some really nice looking shoes!

  8. I LOVE that dress!!! You have a great little body and that dress shows it off perfectly!!!

    I like your beached whale cat too!!