Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun with the 4MP Kodak

I'm lucky enough to work near two very different Target stores. One is the old layout with no real grocery presence and the basic snack bar- ooh, and TWO entrances, LOL. On the plus side, it doesn't seem like this store gets shopped as much as some of the "fancier" ones, so it's easier to find your size. The other one boasts the expanded grocery section and a Starbucks with the newer store layout. This is the one I wandered into today to kill some time at lunch.

I was pleased to find some new Merona slub tees that I can't seem to find online yet. I'm sure someone else will post a review soon with better pictures. I opted not to take fitting room photos with the iPhone only to be at the mercy of a 4MP Kodak that has seen better days. I really need to upgrade for when I'm out and about. Sorry for the blurry pics in advance (plus my poor photo skillz).

Up first is the Berry Stripe Slub Tee for a reasonable $9.99. I tried on the large and was pleased with the fit. I'm a sucker for striped/graphic tees and thought the raspberry color would be fun. The stripes look "painted" on. The price tag is also different, shown below.

The next tee I tried on has a cute little gray Schnauzer on it, but the tag says Slub Tee Black. Not real creative...I tried on an XL because they didn't have a large and even though that was a bigger size than the berry stripe, it seemed like it fit the same. This was also $9.99.

I also picked up a Merona cardigan that was originally $19.99 but has been marked down to $13.98. It's very similar to the much talked about J Crew honey glaze. It's thin and might stretch/pill some (cotton/nylon/spandex blend), but for the price I wanted the color. This is the large layered over the doggie tee.The cardi is still available online but at the original price. It lists the color as ochre.

Check back soon for post(s) of my recent shoe acquisitions courtesy of eBay and the resale shop!


  1. Great Target post. The striped tee looks interesting. I got one like that from BR & I love it. Go Target! Merona cardi is great. They have nice, rich colors so good of you to get the similar honey glaze since you like the color.

  2. I was in a Target yesterday (who doesn't go to Target multiple times in one week?) and saw more new Merona items. The striped tee also comes in aqua...but I have a million striped tees already. Is there such a thing as too many?

  3. Cute tops! I really like the Merona Cardi - its cute with the gogggie t-ahirt!

    I posted this on my blog too but wanted to respond re:your VERY Nice Xmas gift!! Do you remember the episode where Picard was transformed into a young guy? (Its called "I was a Pre-Teen Space Captain") thats my fav epi. See if you can find that one in the set if you are not familiar. ;-)