Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is a test of the emotional disturbed kitteh meowing system

My first photo! LOL. I do have vacation coming up, so I'll try to be a good blogger and post some real pictures. I definitely want to post all my awesome J Crew scores from the resale shop. It's just that I'm so bad at making sure to use a real camera and not the iPhone. I hope with the new one next year that they'll include a better camera. You'd think so since so many people take photos with their phone. I should break out the old Kodak, but it's maybe a 3.1MP...I can easily upgrade to a 12MP for less than $90.

So this is Ben. Yes, that's a weird cat name, but I didn't give it to him. Full name is Benjamin Franklin because at the time I brought him home, I was studying American History and my now husband was also reading my textbook (for fun...) thought that'd be cool. It's a good thing this furball is so cute, cuddly, and loving because he's a mess. Allergies, litterbox issues, fear of everything...A free cat is no free cat. I have no idea how much we've spent to "fix" him, but it's A LOT.

Our other "pretty" kitteh is Arwen. Yes, named after the elf from Lord of the Rings. Husband named her, too. Just thinking about her is exhausting. She's always into everything and never shuts up. Total antithesis to Ben. This is actually a really old photo of her- from back when I was still a science major. Perhaps this is why I had to drop out of Chemistry?


  1. aww, cute kitteh bebehs. reminds me of the family guy episode when adam west has a cat named paul-- "that's a person's name!" hehe. :) my cats have sort of human names, too: sophie and franka.

  2. Diego used to do that to me, too! Flop all over my horribly boring reading assignments...just begging me to fail. Are the creases of your books covered with cat hair, too?

    P.S. Ben is one of our top 3 names if this baby is a boy. :)

  3. I love the pic on your blog of your kitty in the JC bag!

    Everything has cat hair in it. I also have a few books with teeth marks because they go through phases where they want to gnaw on things. Always good when it's a library book...

    I love the name Ben, but my cat is such a blob that it's lost it's luster, LOL.