Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Wish List (subject to change at any time)

Inspired by TastyMoog here, I've decided to make up my own little wish list for the holidays. While I have excluded health care reform (a girl can dream!), my list is pretty small since I just buy whatever. I also don't trust people to get me the right size in clothes since it can vary from store to store. And I'm picky. And I really don't need anything.

First up, I want a new stainless steel water bottle. I have a Nathan brand one with a straw, but it sucks. Pressure builds up, causing unfortunate explosions of water at inconvenient times. I'm not picky about color/pattern- I just want it to fit in the cup holder in my car.

I've been coveting this cute beetle watch from Fossil. I don't need a watch since I don't wear the one I do have, but I kinda want a big man-type watch.

I also need a case for my iPhone since I'm too lame to buy one for myself. That would be why it's all scratched up and there's a tiny chunk missing from it...minuscule, really. Hubby prolly wouldn't be too happy to see that...In any case (ha!), I want this slider case where the bottom pops off so that I can easily set it on the docking station at night where the phone magically turns into an alarm clock that channels Thom Yorke to sing me awake in the morning. I want the orange case, but my better half already claimed that color. Black is lame and pink isn't really my thing, so I'm going with gray. That earned me a "Really! Grey! Ugh!‏" email this morning. LOL.

And of course a gift card from JC would be nice. I reminded him that it was on the OTHER corner at Easton. For my birthday, he got me an iPhone, so I wasn't expecting anything else. He surprised me (and was all excited about it) when he whipped out a gift card to...Banana Republic. It was so sweet, and I felt awful about not loving it. I just don't shop there. He just went to the wrong store on the corner at the mall. I was kinda surprised since my JC obsession is pretty obvious.

The next two items are random and I prolly won't get them. I've been wanting a Magic 8 Ball, but thanks to the folks at Lolcats, I could have a Magic Cheezburger. Their shirt of the day has an ANTEATER on it. I love those!

And though they won't get much play despite my desire to want to play more video games, I want Wolfenstein and Beatles Rock Band. I also need to add to my achievements since I've already received some when I rented the games from Blockbuster.

Lastly, who wouldn't want another kitty? This one actually looks a lot like Ben, which should thrill my husband. It would prolly become roly poly and messed up, too. Unfortunately, I can't get another cat until a current one kicks it or we get a house. A condo is too small for another cat...or a fourth litter box. And we'll need to get a bigger bed so that I can increase my chances of having foot room.

I still have some shopping to do. I've been randomly buying stuff for my parents, sister, and husband. I also need to mail a package to my nieces in the hopes they'll get it before Christmas. They like crafts, so they're getting a big box of Martha Stewart crafts I scored for a great deal at Big Lots. Hubby's going to make out the best of anyone (as usual cuz I spoil him), although he'll fake sadness over receiving clothes. I've seen him looking at the JC catalog tear outs from the men's pages! Mayeb I can talk him into wear a manly cardi?


  1. I still have shopping to do, too. For my brother (gift card, probably), my dad and Mike's dad and brother. I have no idea what to get the latter two. I'm making my sister stuff, too, but I am WAY behind and probably won't get it out in time for a pre-Christmas delivery.

    Oh, and we have a Magic 8 Ball, lol. I ask it daily whether the baby will be a boy or girl. Mike got me a Magic Bullet for my birthday one year (don't worry, I wanted one)...and to follow the theme he got a Magic 8 Ball and a deck of magic cards! LOL

  2. I have a Sigg bottle, but I need to buy the cleaning stick thingy for it. I have yet to find a non-Sigg cleaning tool that won't scratch the inside, and is thin/long enough to fit the bottle. I tried wrapping some fabric to the end of a pencil, that was just silly... and didn't work. Maybe I just need to look harder. :P

    lol @ the majik cheezburger! :)