Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have trouble with...BENDING

I can hardly move without feeling like someone is stabbing me in the lower back. Or, it feels like my tailbone is going to burst out of my butt. Said pain is really low on the right side and seems to also be affecting my right hip. I'm shuffling about like an old person and have to brace myself when sitting down or standing up.

If life is like this now, WTF is it going to be like when I finally AM old?

So still now workouts this week. Blech! And all I want RIGHT NOW are potato chips and ice cream. I can't wait until Saturday when I get to go see a doctor, although I don't know what can be done there. What I really need is an X-ray or MRI or something. Back in June I had issues with my right shoulder/arm, but that seems to have cleared up. I was experiencing some back trouble then, but then it kinda went away. It's been acting up this past week, but last night and definitely today it's been worse. This is not a way to live life, so now I must go spend $25 to have someone tell me what's wrong...or at least refer me on to someone else.

I hope I won't have to see a chiropracter, but I'm not a fan of medication either. We'll see.

On a positive note today, I'm going to be getting some more work at work and some more responsibility. I guess they don't know what to do with me- I've exceeded expectations, which makes me ponder how low their expectations are. Or am I truly that awesome? I wish that was the case, but I'm realistic. I'm just hoping it all pays off and I can get into the Merchant in Training (MIT) program next tear. Only 3 people are selected each year, and I REALLY hope to get a spot. I'm eager to learn about the other departments within the company.

I just sneezed and it makes me want to cry. Maybe I should just go to bed and hope for something better in the morning. Or I might just read my nerd book until I pass out.


  1. Oh my god...did you see a doctor? What did s/he say?! That sounds awful. :(

  2. you had posted on my blog that you made the sweet potato muffins I made, but the filling was darker? what did you add to it? just curious as it's an all white filling pretty much. hope you like the taste?
    sorry about your back pain. I've had back pain (lower) pretty much all my adulthood. yoga, back strengthing w/ weights and a TON of stretching has helped a lot. but it's a lifelong process.

  3. LOL, I need to read my blog more often.

    Dawn- if you ever come back to read this (heck, I'll prolly just post on your page), maybe I used too much cinnamon? I measured, but that's the only thing that could have added color. They were still VERY tasty!

    I've been afraid to get back into yoga as the exercises the PT had me doing seem to have aggravated my problem. S'ok, the doc fired them for me! I'll get to try out the people in the building next to him that he works with all the time.