Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is is Oct 26th yet?

I can't wait until Fable III comes out! I loved Fable II and this new one can only be better. I hope there's more chicken kicking! In true nerdy fashion, I already have a copy pre-ordered from Gamestop, although I won't be taking any time off from work to spend all day playing it. Not like the last game which was a total FAIL.

After spending HOURS (maybe it was the 9 hours listed on the download timer but I went to sleep so who knows) downloading Final Fantasy XIV updates before I could even play the game (shame on you SE for using P2P file sharing!), I was met with disappointment as I was incapable of controlling my character with the keyboard. This I can't totally blame on the game as I'm not accustomed to using a keyboard for that function. The best MMORPG I've ever played utilized the mouse to move your character around. Why that couldn't have been done, I don't know. I was also struggling with trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing in the game. Everyone else seemed to have a purpose. Stranger still, no was was talking. Usually there's always people chatting, especially if they want to sell you something.

Anyhow, I went back to Gamestop the next day to inform them I hated the game and needed advice. After some discussion (and cat care tips!), I wandered into Best Buy to buy a wired XBox controller. Supposedly that's the best peripheral for PCs if you're in the market for a PC controller. We used to have these ourselves, but upgraded long ago to wireless for our console, so we got rid of them.

Back at the house, I hooked it up, calibrated it, and signed in to the game...only to truly notice how choppy the gameplay was. I enlisted the husband's help, and after putting all the video settings to their lowest, he proclaimed the game to be "unplayable" due to the lag. I felt better knowing that it wasn't my faulty gaming skills, but I'm still disappointed that I'm not going to be playing it. We knew going into it that the video card was a wild card, and it turned out it just wasn't good enough.

In the meantime, I can hack through hordes of zombies. Mindless bludgeoning should keep me occupied until Fable comes out. As long as I can pry the game away from my husband...

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