Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I "heart" my bicycle!

Whoa! Three posts in one evening? I should prolly have saved them up. Spaced them out. LOL.

I did end up purchasing the Detours Toocan pannier I talked about here in that funky green color which does look pretty cool with the orange bike. Unfortunately within 24 hours one of the handles started to unravel, so I had to take it in to exchange it. Even worse, I had to go to the Polaris store because Easton was out of the green. I felt like such a schmuck going to Polaris since they just fixed our bike seats and replaced my stained white seat with a fancy (has gel padding) black one. I swear I'm going to end up on some "problem customer" list there. So far the replacement bag has held up well. I've been to the library, Kroger, and another long ride on the Olentangy trail.

The weekend before last I went on the Market to Market ride, which was a lot of fun even though I was on my own for the ride. Even though it was a cold start, it was a pleasant ride and warmed up pretty quickly. I opted for breakfast at The Hills Market, where I had a nice conversation with an older Taiwanese couple over blueberry pancakes. Turns out the guy runs the Ohio Chinese American News, which I think is a local paper. Pretty cool! Got some good recommendations of restaurants to try.

Then this past weekend I met up with another biker at the Lane Ave roll: store . Every Saturday morning they meet to ride up the Olentangy trail to The Hills Market for pancakes. Have I mentioned how AWESOME the blueberry pancakes are? There were a few issues that popped up for the other riders, so it was just me and one other girl who made the trek. Good conversation and good food, which is what I was hoping for. This is part of my quest to branch out, try new things, meet new people. I'm hoping to ride again this Saturday...those pancakes are calling to me!

The latest awesome thing with the bike coincides with working at home. Lunchtime bike rides! Might as well ride as much as possible while the weather is so nice. Gotta work in that extra cardio.

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