Saturday, November 6, 2010

Motivation Dress

Today I ordered my first eggnog latte of the season from Starbucks...and prolly my last since it didn't taste like I remembered. Not enough nog or something. I'll have to either make my own or do without. Not a biggie since that should save me some WW points as nog costs more than milk.

I spent my day wandering around the fancy outdoor mall since money tends to burn a hole in my pocket. Figured I might as well spend it on something for me to wear instead of something for me to eat. After scoring some deals at Eddie Bauer and J Crew (and talking myself out of jeggings and a sequin mini from F21), I wandered into Anthropologie to peruse their holiday decorations. Anthro has the prettiest (and expensive!) clothes and trinkets, but nothing ever seems to look good on me. Too frilly, too girly, too...artsy?

In the sale section I spied the Babergh dress I'd seen on My Superfluities that was pretty and had received good reviews from other Anthrophiles. It was a size 10, which I assumed wouldn't fit, but I gave it a shot.

It fit.

Perplexed, I twisted and turned as I surveyed myself in the mirror. Surely this couldn't fit me. Not this size. Not in this store. And not only did it fit, it looked really good on me. It made me look skinny even though I just packed on a couple pounds from an overindulgent holiday weekend. So of course I wanted it. Needed it. Even though it was half of the original price, it was still more than I would normally spend on an item, especially something that's not really practical. Where am I going to wear it? We don't go to many fancy events and now that I work from home, I don't even need to wear real pants, LOL.

So I opted to not buy the dress this afternoon. I came home, made dinner, and poked around on the internet for blog reviews of the dress. I obsessed over it, even resorting to posting about it on Facebook. Eventually I decided I needed to go back out and purchase it. Even though I asked my husband to talk me out of it, he was a sweetie and offered to buy it for me. Not sure how that happened, but I'll take it!

The dress is now mine. I cannot gain ANY weight or it won't fit. If anything, it will look better when I've dropped a few pounds. It's now my motivation dress- I will look better in it! I'm going to hang it up where I can see it every day to remind my of my goals.

Who knows, maybe I'll wear it one day while working at home. With my fuzzy slippers.


  1. YaY Nicole!!! Wheee! That is an amazing feeling for sure. :D

    Also? I love Anthropologie! You're right they are expensive but they have such great stuff.

  2. Yeah!! I love your idea of wearing it at home with fuzzy slippers!!