Sunday, November 28, 2010

...and cream cheese icing for dinner

Since I made extra icing this morning, it's sitting in the fridge, calling my name. I miss those days where I didn't like cream cheese frosting. I'd always scrape it off of my carrot cake. It was never (and still isn't) as good as real sugary birthday cake frosting. You know, the kinda that makes you sick when you eat it, but you keep on eating it because it's so good?

I brought along the cookie assortment that I put together...and managed to leave ALL those cookies with mom! WIN! Well, I ate one of the thumbprint cookies because I spied a cat hair stuck to the jam. She liked the rum balls, remarking first about their resemblance to doughnut holes- must be the sanding sugar. She even ate a few of the other cookies, which was a surprise since she "only" eats once a day or something like that.

As usual, the brunch spread was delicious: ham & green onion quiche (in place of leeks), corn chowder, fruit salad (sweetened with cranberry relish), and regular salad. Both the quiche and chowder were rich and yummy. I also had WAY too much fruit juice mixed with vodka. I had a food/drink baby!

While our food digested, J peppered my mom with genealogy questions. Needless to say, we stayed past the point where I'd be able to make it to a WW meeting like I'd planned. Oh well, hanging with my family on the last day of a long weekend was much more pleasant! In any case, I went ahead and signed up to be an online member. I've never used eTools, but I've heard it's pretty easy. Can't wait for the update tomorrow with details on their new plan!

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