Thursday, January 20, 2011


I seem to suffer from a MAJOR sweet tooth. Or maybe it's a carb tooth since I've been going to town on the bread I've been baking, too. It's gotten to the point where I would seriously call it an addiction. When I have some, I just want MORE. And more and more and more and more...


Anyone else suffer from the same problem? I mean, sure, we all struggle with sweets occasionally, but I'm talking full-on "I can stop myself once I start going" epic consumption. Do you know anyone who fights this battle? What have they (or you) done to beat back the demon of sugar? Even if the stuff isn't in the house, I'm attacked by it when I'm out and about, and the problem just seems to get worse.


  1. Umm, yeah we know the problem. Well, its not that big of a problem, okay we're in denial but that's beside the point. Anyway, remember like two months ago when you asked if there is such a thing as a spicy cupcake? Well, we made a cupcake and post just for you! Thanks for reading

  2. I have awful problems with carbs....I am a chef and the thing with them is, they are so EASY to grab and eat! I started to do low carb and the first thing I realized was that I had to cook a LOT more than I used other words, more labor involved in this, than grabbing a sack of chips or a cookie. And less satisfying! How crappy!