Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Splendid Parfait: goat cheese w/ cognac fig sauce,
chunks of gingerbread, caramel, and whipped cream
I can't wait to check out Jeni's this weekend (or maybe I can control myself until our Girls' Lunch the following weekend) because they are releasing some new flavors! Well, new to me; I think they had them last year.

Titled Bakeshop, the flavors are as follows:

BANANAS & HONEY: bananas, Ohio honey, vanilla bean

BRAMBLEBERRY CRISP: Ohio blackberries and black raspberries, black currants, and oven-toasted oat streusel layered with honey vanilla bean ice cream

HONEY BUTTER CAKE: Ohio-honeyed ice cream with chunks of honey butterscotch-soaked vanilla sponge cake 

ROXBURY ROAD: dark milk chocolate ice cream, handmade marshmallows, crunchy smoked almonds, with caramel sauce swirl

YLANG YLANG HONEYCOMB: tastes of nectar, honey and spice with crunchy honeycomb 

I got to taste the Bananas & Honey at the Splendid Holiday event- it's DELICIOUS! The rest of the flavors sound fantastic too. Definitely looking forward to cashing in my free Trio so that I can enjoy three of these at once. The hard part will be deciding which three...

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