Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Resolutions

2009 Cap City Half-Marathon
This week is where we all take time to prepare for the upcoming new year, making plans and resolutions for what we hope to accomplish and how we want to better live our lives. While mine are always the typical "lose weight" or "stop spending so much money," this time I thought I'd put it into writing and throw it out there into the blogosphere.

I really miss running, even though I wasn't all that great at it. I want to get back into it and get better than I was before my back injury. I want another photo like the one to the right- me after my very first half marathon. I survived! Unfortunately there are no good photos of the race, and I have yet to shell out the cash for a finish photo. Those things are expensive!

So I've been compiling a list this afternoon while my house fills with the aroma of baking bread. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Climb back on the Weight Watchers wagon- the new plan is fantastic. I need to focus on following the guidelines and tracking my food, even if it means I'm eating 5pt homemade bread or granola
  • Eat more vegetarian meals and be more mindful of where my food (dairy, meat, eggs, etc) comes from; aim to eat with the seasons and locally; also somehow encourage J to eat this way, too...
  • Workout at the gym consistently, expanding beyond spin class and the cardio equipment. That means more cardio dance classes, Zumba, and the new kickboxing class at the gym
  • Strength train 2-3 days each week, either at the gym or at home
  • Prepare for a spring race- either a 5K or quarter marathon in May- with plans to run the entire distance
  • Providing the spring race goes well (no pain!), prepare for a half marathon in the fall

  • Learn HTML so I can jazz up the blog
  • Blog consistently
  • Develop a clearer vision for which direction I want to go with the blog- my fitness/nutrition journey, food, local stuff, fashion, or all of the above?
  • Learn some photography skills, working with the less than desirable camera options I have
  • Get organized- there's got to be a way to make the process more efficient
  • Create a header/logo that's uniquely mine
  • Tackle the list of items I set forth under Kitchen Krusade (and possibly a better title for this endeavor...)
  • Keep pantry, dishes, freezer, and fridge organized so that I make the best possible use of all available ingredients plus use those serving dishes and specialty items that are rarely used
  • Prepare dinner more than once a week
  • Utilize the (few) cookbooks I have collected, trying out new recipes and finding out what works best for us
  • Serve more meals at the table instead of in front of the television

  • Paint the rest of the interior of the house
  • Finish any neglected house projects like installing trim or towel racks...that have waiting for years
  • Plant a respectable flower garden and corresponding vegetable garden - and maintain them
  • Use the deck and new patio...because they weren't used this past year!
  • Light more candles; otherwise they sit around collecting dust, which isn't their purpose
Misc Stuff:
  • Visit a farm (or two)
  • Learn to use a sewing machine
  • Volunteer with Local Matters - already signed up for January/February @ The Greener Grocer!
  • Take a vacation to Washington DC
  • Spend more time with friends, not just a once monthly meet-up
  • Find new ways to spend my free time that don't involve wandering around the mall
I'm sure I'll think of more things I'd like to do along the way, but for now, I think that's a pretty good start!

The title of my blog "I have trouble with forward motion" started out as a bit of a joke between my sister and I because I liked running but was extremely slow. Looking over the parts of my life such as exercise, nutrition, organization...there's a pattern of making plans and not following through to become successful. An inability to move forward. I really want to break that pattern this year. I want to be healthy, fit, and stress less about mundane things that need to be done. I want to truly enjoy life and experience new things. Plus I want all these good habits to be in place and part of my lifestyle before my husband and I begin the next phase of our lives together: buying a real house and starting a family (don't worry, that's still a year or two off!).

Oh, and I found not one, but THREE white hairs on my head. Old age is settling in, LOL.

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