Friday, December 24, 2010

Countdown to Dinner

I am now officially out of almonds, peanuts, and parchment paper. All (6!) of my mixing bowls are dirty, too.

I guess this year instead of shopping (for myself), I'm tinkering around in the kitchen. It's a fantastic start to a 10 day vacation. I think the oven has been on since 8AM. The kitchen is nice and toasty but not overly warm thanks to the low setting we have programmed in for weekdays...which I haven't figured out to change except to manually increase the temperature each morning once I notice it's too cold in the house.

I've made a million things this morning while a Star Trek Next Generation marathon plays in the other room and squirrels (and blue jays) scamper about the deck eating the peanuts I left for them. Eventually I'll go check the mail and see if Basement Cat needs fed/watered. And I might leave the house to pick up the things I'm out of because I don't know how I'll survive without parchment paper.

Finally stuck something savory (Chex Mix) in the oven- gotta go stir it! I'll have pictures and recaps later.

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