Saturday, December 25, 2010

This breakfast is brought to you by..

Jeni's, of course! In all reality I was looking for something to act as a carrier for the delicious whipped cream left over from dinner, so I went with another fruit pie with a tiny scoop of ice cream. It's basically what dessert looked like last night sans the orange. Orange is healthy, no?

As I write this, the cats are still rolling around in the kitchen courtesy of the catnip they got in their stocking. Sorry for a blurry picture, but it's hard to capture two flailing furry bodies in action. While I have to vacuum the kitchen floor again, it's all worth it for the entertainment they provide. They also got a new cat toy that has an octopus dangling from a his drug-induced state, Ben was afraid of it! LOL.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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